Mary Rollins Mathews

you got that right, Mary Rollins is my first name! But you can also call me M.R

“The purpose of life is the acquisition of memories”.

While this may be a quote from Downton Abbey, it is one that I have felt to be true in my life. Acquiring and “capturing” memories is why I first picked up a camera, why I look back at photographs, and why I believe photography has become such a key component to a wedding day.

I was so lucky to be raised seeing love in many different capacities. From my sweet grandparents who have boxes of all letters they wrote to each other in their life, to my honorary aunts who were my family’s go-to friends. These loves around me have brought me to where I am now, photographing people in love! To capture the joys, intimacies, and excitement of a couple’s wedding day is my dream job.

From me, you can expect someone truly excited to document your day. My background includes a dance and performing arts education which greatly influences my photography. I’ve got an eye for detail and movement! Not to mention I’m a big fan of a good dance party.

I am a Kentucky native and currently reside in Lexington, but would love to travel where YOU are!

photo by Isabelle Selby Photography

photo by Isabelle Selby Photography